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Introduction of Qilu Normal University

QiluNormalUniversityis a public comprehensive normal university located in the renowned“SpringCity”Jinan, which is the capital ofShandongProvince. Founded in 1948, it got the new name as “QiluNormalUniversity” from its original name “Shandong Institute of Education” in April, 2010.

The university currently consists of two campuses, i.e. Lixia(Downtown) campus and Zhangqiu campus, which cover a total area of 1,300 mu and whose total floor area is about 200,000 square meters. It has over 200 labs of all kinds, computer rooms and multimedia classrooms. Facilities for teaching, scientific research, and living are well equipped. The university has modernized library and campus LAN to facilitate students’ study and life. The library has over one million books, 2,050 types of journals and electronic resources of 13.8TB.

The university consists of 15 schools and departments, including School of Politics and Social Development, School of Teacher’s Education, School of Chinese Literature, School of Foreign Languages, School of Geography and Tourism, School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Physical Education, Department of Economics, Department of Management, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology, and Department of Computer Science. It has several affiliated research and training institutions as well, such asShandongProvincialEducationalAdministrationCollege,School of Continuing Study,Shandong Provincial Teachers’TrainingCenterfor Primary and Secondary Schools,ShandongProvincialCurriculumResearchCenteron Basic Education and New Century Education Networks Company. The university has 4 affiliated primary and middle schools, and 57 internship partners. At present, approximately 12,000 full-time on-campus students are enrolled.

Currently the university has 503 professional teachers including 61 professors and 121 associate professors, among which 280 teachers have doctor’s or master’s degree. There are also 5 experts who are awarded the State Council Allowance for a lifetime and 11 professors qualified as supervisors of postgraduates.

In addition to full-time education, the university has been committed to training programs and continuing education for primary and secondary school teachers and educators inShandong. It has accumulated rich experience in teachers training, formed its own advantages in training staff, curriculum resources, network technology and research, and therefore trained successfully a large number of teachers, principals and educators for many years. Since 1978, 170,000 teachers have attended degree enhancement programs, nearly 400,000 primary and secondary teachers and about 16,000 principal, educators and administrators inShandonghave been trained by the university. Meanwhile, the university has also undertaken training programs for teachers from Xinjiang and Tibet Autonomous Regions, which has great contribution to the basic education development in their regions. Since 2008, the university began to undertake a long-distance training program for primary and secondary teachers all over the province, and more than 100,000 teachers are trained annually, which is considered the largest-scale, highest participating and unprecedented training in theShandong’s educational history. The university has already played a national leading role in teacher’s training and research.

In addition to its great influence in the province on researches of teacher’s education, basic education curriculum reform and school management, the university also has noticeable achievements in researches on Chinese traditional culture, international politics, children’s literature, population education and functional materials. In recent years, the university is responsible for 23 social science projects at national and provincial levels and 64 research projects issued by Shandong Provincial Education Department or at municipal level. More than 125 books and 902 academic papers are published and issued, including 154 in core journals and 99 indexed by SCI and EI. The university also wins many awards at national and provincial level on excellent scientific research.

QiluNormalUniversity is empowered to employ foreign faculty and to educate international students. By far the university has employed more than 160 foreign faculty members from the United States,Great Britain,Canada,Germany, andRussia. Moreover, many foreign students from theUnited States,Japan,KoreaandMexicohave studied Chinese language in the university.


 zhangqiu campus address: number 2,Wenbo Road, ZhangqiuDistrict,Jinan,Shandong. 

Contact number:0531-66778373.66778376

post code: 250013lixia campus  250200zhangqiu campus

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